Sheet Metal Panel Siding

Our company performs all types of intricate custom sheet metal work, we can custom manufacture and install just about anything sheet metal. Premium materials expertise and quality installations, contact us!


Metal Panel Siding

West Vancouver, BC

General Contractors and Custom Home Builders

The right material, skill and expertise make for a quality installation. If you’re a builder in the lower mainland, contact us to learn more about how we can help you with top of the line manufacturer warranties on labour and materials for your clients. Contact us and speak to one of our representatives.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation

Kerissdale, Vancouver, BC

Patio Deck Construction and Waterproofing

The membrane below a patio over a living space or commercial space is crucial to keeping the elements on the outside, in many cases a patio deck is a feature of your business.

We install decks, membranes and flashing’s with a touch of elegance. Contact us and speak to one of our representatives.




and Decking

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Vancouver, BC

Specialty Projects Gallery